Laws Surrounding School Buses


Very soon, the morning commute will be filled with children returning to school and boarding their school buses. Make sure that you fully know and understand the laws of Pennsylvania as they relate to approaching and overtaking a stopped school bus.

Under the law, a driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking any school bus stopped on a highway or trafficway shall stop at least ten (10) feet before reaching the school bus when the red signal lights of the school bus are flashing. This includes roadways marked with double yellow lines. The driver shall not proceed until the red flashing signal lights are no longer activated. In no event shall a driver of a vehicle resume motion of the vehicle until the school children who may have alighted from the school bus have reached a place of safety.

Moreover, the driver of a vehicle approaching an intersection at which a school bus is stopped shall stop his vehicle at that intersection until the bus’s flashing red signals are no longer activated.

Third, any violation of the above constitutes a summary offense and carries a fine of $250 along with the potential of having your license suspended.

Brian G. Price, Esquire

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